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April 2011

April 2011

Morton's neuroma billing reminders

On January 1, 2009, the following code changes became effective and should be used on claims for services on or after that date:

  • CPT 64455 Injection(s), anesthetic agent and/or steroid, plantar common digital nerve(s) (e.g., morton's neuroma) was added to specifically address the injection of an anesthetic agent and/or steroidal agent into the involved plantar digital nerve interspace (e.g., ICD-9-CM 355.6 Lesion of plantar nerve). This procedure was previously reported with CPT 64450 Injection, anesthetic agent; other peripheral nerve or branch and with CPT 20550 Injection(s); single tendon sheath, or ligament, aponeurosis (e.g., plantar "fascia").
  • CPT 64632 Destruction by neurolytic agent; plantar common digital nerve is used to report the destruction of the plantar common nerve via a neurolytic agent. This procedure was previously reported with CPT 64640 Destruction by neurolytic agent; other peripheral nerve or branch.

When billing for these services, please note the following:

  • Report CPT 64455 and 64632 only once per foot, regardless of the number of injections.
  • CPT 64455 and 64632 are distinctly different. It is not accurate to report both of these codes for the same session.

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