Thank you for contracting with us

John PrassasWelcome to Regence! We take pride in developing effective partnerships with you and have found that our collaborative efforts, coupled with responsive service, lead to the highest quality and most cost-effective care of our members.

We work diligently to support you so that you can focus on what you do best - taking care of our members.



Please take a few minutes to view the information and resources available to you and your staff. This quick-start guide will help you become familiar with some of the online resources available on our provider website that are most helpful to newly-contracted providers.

John Prassas
Vice President Network Management

Save time and money with electronic tools

Regence is committed to increasing electronic transactions and reducing paper usage. We are pleased to offer many electronic tools and paperless options that can help you quickly, easily and cost-effectively access information, submit claims and receive payment. Our paperless solutions will help streamline the daily administration of your office.

Provider Web Portals

We require physicians, dentists, other health care and dental professionals and facilities to use our free, secure online tools to:

  • View fee schedules
  • Submit claims electronically
  • Access eligibility and benefits
  • View and print claim vouchers
  • View claims status and detailed processing and payment information
  • View and electronically sign provider agreement documents online through eContracting
  • View and respond to feedback from our members about their experiences with you using our Patient Feedback tool

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Other important electronic tools include:

  • Online newsletters and communications. Subscribe today >
  • Electronic Funds Transfer - receive payment directly to your bank account. Get Started >
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Receive eligibility and claim status via phone Learn more >
  • Electronic Data Interchange - Submit claims electronically and receive claims payments and reports including eligibility, claims status and pre-authorization. Learn more >

Have you joined a practice or changed your demographic information?

Help us keep critical information about your practice up-to-date by completing a Provider Information Update Form when:

  • A provider leaves or joins your clinic or practice
  • You have a change to your:
    • Organization's address
    • Phone number
    • Tax identification number
    • National Provider Identifier number

Not yet contracted with Regence?

Regence contracts with physicians, dentists, other health care professionals and facilities to form provider networks essential for the delivery of health-care and dental services to our members.

All providers must be credentialed before they can participate in a Regence provider network. Once credentials have been verified, a provider agreement is offered.  View the benefits and responsibilities of participation.

Credentialing and contracting steps:

  1. View a list of providers we contract with to make sure we contract with your specialty >
  2. Learn more about our provider networks >
  3. Register for the Provider Center >
  4. Learn about our credentialing policy and complete a credentialing application >
  5. Once credentials are verified, you will receive an email from our Credentialing department.
  6. Sign up for eContracting >